10 Best IPhone Apps For Your Kids, Ages, 3-5, 6-8

Kids normally imitate their parents as they observe their every activity and try to pose like them. The popularity of iPhone and iPods had also increased their craze for these toy-like devices which they love to handle in your absence though they may not understand their technologies. The introduction of various iPhone apps for kids had opened the ways for kids at their adolescent age to get entertained through these apps. These apps not only entertain the kids ageing from 3-5 years or 6-8 years but also educate them in learning alphabets and counting at least up to 10. These iPhone apps are specially designed for the pre-school or kindergarten kids for their educational support as well as entertainment.

For Kids ageing 3-5 years

Memory Match: This app is the kid’s version of memory tile games played on iPod or iPhone. It helps in enhance short term as well as long term memory of the kids of this age group. The best part of this kid’s app is that they are provided with a new game every time.

Alphabet Animals: This iPhone app for kids between 3-5 years age helps them to recognize animals and alphabets that may help them interaction in future. Funny animated bright colored images not only attract the kids but also create interest in learning things.

Infinite Maze: Though this app provides a simple game for little kids but they have to try again and again persistently to maneuver a silver ball by tilting the iPhone to pass it through a series of mazes. The changing shapes of the ball also surprise the kids.

Penguin Whacker: This iPhone app not only entertains the kids but even adults doo like it equally. It is one of the iPhone games that provide more fun without exerting on your mind.

Math Drills Lite

Math Drills Lite

For kids ageing 6-8 years

Math Drills Lite: This exciting iPhone app is a blessing for the 6 years old kids who really enjoy math. This app helps in understanding the concepts of math by customizing the problems.

Mad Libs Lite: This app allows the kids to explore and play with the language of the customizable and reusable stories narrated in it. It also helps in enhancing the writing and problem solving abilities of the kids.

Reversi: This iPhone app not only entertains and keeps the kids busy but also the grown ups as it helps in improving their critical thinking as well as problem solving skills. Capturing the pieces of your own color tiles is the basic idea behind this app game.

WordSearch Kids: This app keeps the kids engaged in searching the words from its rich vocabulary based on child friendly themes. Kids are allowed to search the words in a very interesting way so that they usually get annoyed if stopped from playing on it.

Best Free iPhone Games for Kids

Best Free iPhone Games for Kids

Brain Toot: This iPhone app is specially made for kids of 8 years age as its brain training puzzles and games help improving their problem solving and thinking skills. A number of math problems, thinking puzzles and visual puzzles in this provide them challenging situations to solve.

Freshwater Aquarium: It is another best iPhone app for kids of all ages who love love to have fishes in their water tank. The bright colors, shimmering lights and gentle movements of this game provide relaxing feel to the kids.

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Is She The One?

They say that to have a truly and lasting marriage is to marry the right kind of person. We have this ideal perception of the right kind of person as smart, funny, down-to-earth, and so on. As for men, they tend to opt for good physique, domesticated, knows how to cook, etc. It sounds very ideal and too perfect to be true. Yes, there are if not some a few girls with characteristics like that. But how would you know that she’s the one?

You Have Something in Common

It is important that she understands you and everything you do for a living. If there is understanding, there is great respect. It is important that you have common interests and goals in life. There must be a common ground where the two of you meet. Two individuals from two different worlds would never work out. It causes disputes over marriages that can never be resolved. “Opposites attract” only applies when dating. But where marriage and building a family is concerned, you will clash in every single bit of every way.

Does She Love You Enough?

You might be wondering what kind of question this is. Of course she loves you. You’re sure of that. Well, maybe she loves your money more than you. Would she stick with you even if you lost everything? Be sure she would not complain and blame you if you lost your job or be moneyless for a time. She must love you at your worst. Apart from that, there are character traits that you have that are not pleasing to everybody. Can she handle all of that? That is the question.

You Share the Same Beliefs

Is She the One for You?

Is She the One for You?

If you are a Christian living your faith you simply would not jump into any woman who is not a fellow believer herself. The first priority that comes in your mind is that she must be a Christian. As the apostle Paul instructed, we should not have intimate fellowship with unbelievers. This is an important commitment for Christians. Religion plays a vital role in marriage. A marriage that is God-centered can never go wrong. Deciding whom to marry is the one important thing that you should decide. It should have the conviction of God’s choice and not just a good choice.

Archive for the ‘Thoughts’ Category

Archive for the ‘Thoughts’ Category

Getting married is a gamble. It’s not as all the same when you are still dating. Being in love wears off years after being married. It’s the respect, the friendship, and the togetherness that counts. Marriage is a decision which involves meticulous planning, contemplating, and brain-storming. Even the most cautious people who took years of relationship before finally tying the knot, the ones who really took time to weigh the matter, who took years to get to know them, even they failed. So basically the point here is, you would really know if she’s the one if bathed in prayer, God will steer you in the path of His choosing.

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3 Tips On How To Change Your Health Habits Today

There are decisions that can affect our desires and that includes our health. Like for example, though we know that eating junk foods, smoking, and drinking beer of more than 10 cans daily can lead to kidney as well as liver malfunctions, we still continue to this, right? Most often, the primary reason of this is our bad habit. We love doing things but in a wrong way, and when we try to adjust in order to fix things, we find it difficult as well as uncomfortable. If you are one of those people who changing of lifestyle is difficult and impossible to do, then you better consider these three tips below. And over a short period of time, you will notice that changing of habits is not that really a big deal.

1. The very day you made up your mind that you will consider health habits and get rid of those that will make you unhealthy, is by deciding when you will stop drinking sodas like every hour a day while sitting in front of your laptop and surfing the net, or while watching television plus a bag of chips on your lap. If you think that you can’t give up that unhealthy habit, then you are not ready to welcome healthy lifestyle. However, considering that you already knew that those habits are not good, at least you are aware of what is good from bad.

2. The next thing is to make better decisions very slowly. At first, changing drastically is difficult. Thus, take it slowly. Change slowly like instead of drinking soda every hour is your habit, you can drink soda at least 3 times a day for a week then the next week, make it 2 times a day. That can satisfy your cravings and yet you do that in a way that you drink less. You can also apply that on your meal consumptions. Do not place your food over crowded on your plate. Take small portions then eat slowly. Right after that, if you think that you still want to eat, add a little bit more, and then drink a glass of water. That will make you full and satisfied.



3. You should know that anxiety is not part of your lifestyle. Once you start changing your habit, you feel awkward at first and yet don’t be sad. Changing of lifestyle is a discipline and you must know that learning how to say no plays a very big role. Most of the time, people who really feel that he or she wants to change, don’t struggle too much. Thus, the wrong habits will just die on its own naturally.

6 Healthy Habits to Steal from Your Guy

6 Healthy Habits to Steal from Your Guy

Cravings for food or drinks come and go. There are alternatives to foods and drinks with lesser calorie. You can have them instead but with low calorie intake. As you can see, there is no need to spend too much for those diet programs just as long as you know what foods to eat and proper exercise.

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How to Cut Your Bills in Half

Many people no longer enjoy working because the money that they earn is barely enough to pay for their monthly bills. They no longer have extra money for to buy a gadget or to spend for a vacation. Studies have shown that the main reason why this is happening is because not all of us have a personal budget.

In other words, when a person receives his income, he does not allot a portion for the bills, utilities and debts. He just spends without thinking of what the future is in store for him. Eventually he will be in debt. Cutting your monthly in half would mean a bigger amount for you spend for yourself. Let us look at some of the ways to cut your monthly bills in half.

    • Minimize dine-outs – A big part of the monthly budget goes to food so you must try to cut on the food budget without sacrificing on nutrition. To cut on food expenses, you need to minimize dine-outs or lunch-outs. While it is good to bond with family and friends by eating with in restaurants, this can become a big expense at the end of the month. Instead of dining outside you can prepare meals at home. This is way cheaper and at the same time, you will have a lot of time with other members of the family.

    • Use public transportation – If your destination is just near, you can walk to the place. You can also try riding public transportation like the bus. Use the vehicle only when you need to get an appointment on time. Instead of delivering the kids to school, you can just encourage them to ride the school bus. Aside from cutting the gasoline expenses, kids would develop their social skills when they get used to public transportation.

Cut your bills in half using this simple technique. ANYONE can do it

Cut your bills in half using this simple technique. ANYONE can do it

  • Turn off appliances when not in use – Electrical appliances contribute to our high electric bills. Instead of using air conditioners, you can use an electric fan. Maximize air flow in your own home by opening the windows. Try to cut off your TV time too if you want to save. Lastly, don’t leave your appliances attached to the electric socket. Failure to turn off and remove any of your appliances might increase your electric bill for the month.

  • Address your credit card bills – If you have an existing credit card bills, make sure that you are still able to pay it regularly. If you are not consistent in your payment, the debt will grow bigger and bigger because of interest. If you think that the monthly dues are too high, negotiate if it can be restructured so that your monthly dues can become more affordable.

BillCutterz Calls Your Providers and Saves You Money On Bills So You Don't Have To

BillCutterz Calls Your Providers and Saves You Money On Bills So You Don’t Have To

Once you have followed these tips, you’ll notice that you will cut your monthly bills in half. This will mean extra money for you to spend on yourself and you can buy the gadget that you’ve been saving for a long time. You can also use the extra money that you have to fund your next vacation.

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How To Effectively Use Social Media To Look For A Job

f you still haven’t harnessed the power of social media to look for a job, then you are missing a lot. Apart from profitability that social media brings to a business, using its various platforms proves equally effective in looking for a job. What makes these platforms effective is the community of like-minded people to which you belong. Isn’t it that social media allows you to reach out to distant families, relatives or friends oftentimes for no particular reason other than to keep in touch? Using social media to express a job hunt among this set of network will help catapult your search. If they know you, they’re likely to refer you.

Among the top social networking sites that are being used by jobseekers are LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Let’s see how jobseekers may take advantage of its digital social function when looking for a job.

LinkedIn: You might be surprised to know that large companies like Ebay or Microsoft use LinkedIn to recruit employees. With your professional profile on display, it’s easy for companies to search you even when you’re not even looking for them. In fact some companies encourage their employees to make recruit referrals, becoming their “headhunters” and duly compensated via “employee referral bonuses”. You are then treated as the “passive job seeker”

However, if you want to become active in your job search through LinkedIn, consider “designing” your professional profile and provide all the necessary data that a prospective employer might want to know about you. Do that side by side with active communication with your network and letting them know you’re currently looking for a job. Likewise, you may search the job section of LinkedIn by company name, job title or location.

How to Effectively Use Twitter as a Job Search Resource

How to Effectively Use Twitter as a Job Search Resource

Twitter: While primarily used to build awareness of any kind to your network, whether personal or business, many agree to the effectiveness of this platform in seeking jobs. Even when you pitch your job search to your personal network, the members of your network can instantly send your pitch out to their own set of network – and you just never know where your pitch would land.

If using this platform to look for a job, design your profile to show your expertise; use professional looking avatar or image to easily visualize your service or skills set. Then provide a link to your online resume for quick access.

Facebook: Using your personal connections via Facebook, which probably is hundreds and hundreds, you can tag, share or post your way to a new job. Because your connections on Facebook are quite intimate, sharing stories and what have you day after day, it’s easy to ask for help in finding a job. If your profile, stories, comments and photo sharing are quite reputable, you can expect your friends to like you and like what you do.

7 Ways to Use Social Media to Land a Job

7 Ways to Use Social Media to Land a Job

If you are in the process of using Facebook to look for a job, it’s recommended that you highlight yourself as an expert in your field, making strategically scheduled posts before finally making a job pitch.

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